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spoiled with power

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

I love being spoiled with power, as much as i love being spoiled with luxury (they often go hand in hand), I have received many gifts, the most deadly amount them is this one - #Sjambok.

Sjambok presented at my feet

A sjambok is a type of heavy leather whip of African origin. Historically, the sjambok was one of many tools used to punish and torture slaves in Africa and to force labour and obedience from local people.

(You can read more about the facts of Sjambok here.)

Absolutely not an easy object to obtain and carry over, yet this special slave of mine went all the way for the moment of presenting it at my feet. I was deeply touched.

After accepting the gift, I proceeded into session with him. He is a tough guy, strong, experienced, both mental and physical, yet his legs turned into jelly as I pointed this weapon at him. As I wielded it over his body, it took no time for a strong man like him to start begging for mercy. I was proud to see the intensity of my power manifesting through the way his body twitched and crumbled.

I feel fear and joy of surrender in him. Once again I feel spoiled with power.

Checkout the video below of me doing Sjambok #caning.


You are welcome to get in touch with me If you want to experience the power of it.

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