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session review from slave a

Updated: May 27, 2019

I usually Dom but once in a while desire to relinquish the reins and submit. I chanced upon Mistress Yui's blog and was intrigued, in part by the tantalising shots of Her body and some of her face.

And indeed, Mistress Yui is a very attractive Domina. But her looks alone was not why the session was so pleasurable.

Many Dommes do not want to have direct flesh contact with their slaves, particularly the genitals. After Mistress Yui bound me naked to a spreader bar, She applied a cock ring around my cock balls and Her touch there was stimulating, however brief.

I watched Her #workout in front of me while I was immobilised all the time. Thereafter She rewarded me by letting lick Her #perspiration off her back and even Her cleavage. Either Mistress Yui applied some scent before or She actually smells amazing!

Later, I gave Mistress a foot #massage and was rewarded by Her slapping my cock and balls with Her feet. Hard despite the #humiliation, I was allowed to hump Her calves while kissing and worshipping Her wonderfully gorgeous ass.

At some points, Mistress thoughtfully ran Her nails gently over my scrotum, sending electric tingles to my brain.

Mistress Yui planned our session very well, taking into account my fetishes and also considered my own desires while making me serve Her.

Perfectly and exquisitely blending erotica and mind play, Mistress Yui is, by far, the best #Domina I have ever met.

- sub A

8 Feb 2019

#bdsmsession #sessionreview #singaporemistress #sweatworship

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