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Review from my sub in singapore

I recently had a session with an experienced sub in Singapore. along with other forms of appreciation he sent me the following review -he has done me good proud.

Domina Yui is like finding a rare piece of precious jade. I mistook her name “Yui” for Jade before I read her blog in detail. But now I still like to think of her like she is precious jade. Plus other ‘P’ words, like:

Professional Passionate Playful



I have visited other dommes before, but Domina Yui is the first one who is punctual. That is important to me because I am not the bravest person, waiting a few hours for a Mistress who is habitually late is too much for me to bear.


Domina Yui is well versed in the craft of domination. If we as subs are honest with her, telling her our darkest desires, she is able to put together a scenario to fulfil our deepest needs for domination. The way she enjoys her craft shows through in her attitude and actions both inside and outside of sessions. She can do what she claims in her blog.


During a session, I can feel her playfulness in the way she thinks of imaginative ways to torment me. When I can sense her happiness, I feel deeply happy as well. Yet I feel safe even though she can think of so many ways to torture me.


I can guess from the way Domina Yui carries herself, she has attained a high level of education. From a sub’s perspective, we want our Dominas to be like queens and princesses.

I am most fortunate to have met Domina Yui. I feel happy to serve her and make her happy.

- Sub MV

10 May 2018

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