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I will never forget about the day when I first took a vanilla man into La Perla Store

Updated: May 18

Like many girls in the industry, I started off by wearing normal lingeries from H&M and likes (a piece of Victoria Secret would send me screaming). La Perla is one of those brands in the top league of luxury lingerie that I have been dreaming of ever since the start of my BDSM journey opened my eyes for the finer things.

I have been a #pro-domme for a little over 3 years. First time I ever stepped into a La Perla shop? 3 years ago.

with a total stranger that I picked up from a dating app... true story, not a #slave, but a vanilla man!

He was a middle-aged, clean-cut, well-groomed and honestly, quite good-looking banker (as I found out later).

I can sense so many question marks popping up in your head. let me tell you the answers.

Q1: wait, you are a pro-domme, and you still use dating apps?

  • Back then (3 years ago) I was a reckless little brat in experimental mode and up for everything (well, in a way I still am now just way more selective and less patient, one reason I stopped using dating app was that I could no longer be bothered wasting time on idiots just to catch one that takes me La Perla shopping).

Q2: Ok, so he took you la perla shopping , how did you do it?

  • Our vanilla conversation went like this:

him: what are you up to?

me: nothing much, thinking about going for lingerie shopping

him: sounds exciting, can I join you?

me: why not? meet me at La perla in [name of the shopping mall] in half an hr?

him: what is La Perla?

me: you will find out ;)

him: ok, see you darling ;)

Et voila, I had no idea what im about to bring him (and me) into but I knew that day is gonna go down as a great little wicked adventure.

Q3. lovely, so what happened next in the la perla shop? did you do anything naughty?

  • Of course. I picked for myself a nice piece of silk corset (which truly blows my mind away), went to the changing room to try it on, then invited him to come in and take a look... the rest of the story is continued in my private club as May story. (real juice are worth paying for, like what this guy did).

Q4. Can you show us what you got on that day?

  • It's the red silk corset I wear in the cover photo of my twitter profile (also one of the homepage pictures of my website). If you are my private club member (true / ultimate admirers), here is a video for you to see me showcasing it in great details and telling you more about it.

I will never forget about that day when I first stepped into La perla store (I was like Alice in wonderland, ever since then my flood gate of la perla shopping just opened and i have collected over 20 pieces of La Perla items over the 3 years. you can find me showcasing them in my private club).

it was also the first time I took a guy to lingerie shop on a first date (I will have another post coming up about my ideas on dating as a dominatrix, sign up to stay posted).

the first time I received an expensive lingerie gift on a first date (click here to find out what gifts I'd like to receive on first date / second date / session / meeting / whatever, you don't need an occasion to send me gifts ;)..

Remember it was 3 years ago, when my sense of #domination wasn't fully awaken yet, but it was good enough to start with. I would happily do this la-perla fun all over again and again (how else do you think I managed to get over 20 pieces of La Perla?!) Still I could never have enough of it ...

Life is short, I'm off to enjoy mine. If you want to find out more about my #kinky fun adventures as you should, see me in my Private Club.

Yui xx

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