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How to please a mistress (deeply)

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

After a few hrs relaxing body treatment, Im sitting in the lounge of a spa writing this post as i can't stop thinking how hot it is to have all my spas here sponsored by my sub (sub A he is). and how hot it is to have someone(s) please you selflessly - purely for your enjoyment, not his.

A few weeks ago, me and sub A went to this spa for the first time. words on details of the fun we had in the spa spared, afterwards, knowing that I liked this spa a lot, A offered to buy me a package there so I can come back to enjoy again and again. that was one of the sweetest things - he made the extra mile to please me, knowing it's for me, not for him.

Thereafter I come to this spa almost every week, every time I am here I couldn't help but thinking of A and getting turned on by the fact that I am enjoying this treat on him when he is not here with me.

I am obsessed with this pleasure. not because the spa treatment is amazing (although as a matter of fact it is), but because I am having it from a sub who cares about my enjoyment beyond his own.

Yui in Spa

Most #subs / #slaves / #fetishists would go only as far as mutual enjoyment - they get mistress gift / treats / money in exchange for her time / company / service to fulfil his own fantasy, which is fair enough. But few go beyond it. Once they do (among other ways to please me, which are not covered in this post), they are special to me, not only in #domme-sub relationships although I will keep examples within the context of this blog.

  • Sub M offered to pay for my flights to Europe last year although he wasn't going to join me on the trip at all. This year, he offered to treat me a luxury tour to Japan on my upcoming birthday month, again, despite himself wouldn't go.

  • Sub I transfered me funds to purchased the Gianvito Rossi sandals which was on my wishlist, when he was overseas, and he has never met me in person (until now). Who says you have to meet me to please me? I find the such pleasures out of selfless care and trust more meaningful and obsessive. Try it, if you haven't!

  • Another sub A reimbursed my purchase of a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti flats, when we were in different countries (ok, he was drunk, according to him afterwards. Sometimes people do greater things when they are drunk).

  • Sub B sends me breakfast via food delivery apps almost everyday, while he is sitting at work.

From big acts to small acts, the list goes on...

I was struck by A and these few subs (and others unmentioned here) to realize that the act of giving to his mistress without concerning whether he has a share of any #pleasure is a higher level of #worship. (let me know if you have experienced / can think of any higher levels, I would love to hear it).

I hope these examples have inspired you. Now, what would you do for your #mistress, or the one(s) you care about?

#bdsm #femdom #alternativelifestyle #dominatrix #servitude

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