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A perfect staycation

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

AD is a man who is genuinely into #alternatives in life/sex, living them with good means and taste, and an abundance of experience. Quite like with most people whose sexual desires are complex and ever-evolving, I find it difficult to call him my sub as he would hardly fit in - he is full of creative naughty ideas and sometimes asshole stage behaviors, at the same time, an absolute gentleman at heart.

We stay in different parts of the world. Having had played a few times in Singapore, I made a private trip to visit AD a few month ago (which could be another blog entry but I'd like to avoid the risk of AD dominating my blog!). Last month, he came to mine (Singapore) again, showered me with lots of fun and spoiling in a 4-day-3-night #staycation.

My blood is boiling (again) as I am simply writing this post. Hope yours will too when you read on below for a brief diary of my staycation with AD - much detail is left to the pictures / undescribed as i still want to keep the juicy stuff somehow 'secret' for you to imagine. I hope you enjoy imagining as much as me and AD enjoyed living it :)

Day 1

  • Check in hotel & Lunch

  • Play time with my sub girl

  • Snacks at hotel lounge

  • Shopping

  • Me-time & rest

Lavish Spa

Day 2

  • Breakfast

  • Incall at my 'dungeon'

  • Lunch and explore the city

  • Play time with another mistress

  • Snacks at hotel lounge

  • Lavish spa

  • Me-time & Rest

pre-spa pampering

post-spa Champagne

Day 3

  • Breakfast

  • Gym and worshipping mistress sweat

  • Light Lunch

  • Play time

  • Snacks at lounge

  • Fine dining & Clubbing

  • Rest

fine dining

me with the breathtaking view from the restaurant

Day 4

  • Late breakfast

  • Easy Morning with movie

  • Leave for airport

#mistresslife #pampered #diaryofamistress #fetishstaycation

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