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50 shades of feminization and cross-dressing

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

I have always been fascinated in sexual #alternatives and the psychology behind - one of those is #feminization, usually in the form of #crossdressing - a sexual or lifestyle practice where a person assumes a female role.

In my #BDSM life, I have met a number of guys who struck me (in a good way) with their various degrees and fantasies of feminization. I would like to share some backstories on my experience with these #kinsters and hopefully express my view on this #kink from a #mistress perspective.

One of my subs got into this fetish because he used to be ridiculed by his ex-wife who made him wear G-strings and bras at home and refused to make love to him because he was "incapable" according to her (he suspects that she was having affairs with other men / real 'alpha's).

"That was an ultimate humiliation for me. I hate that bitch (his ex-wife), and I am a straight guy, but somehow I miss wearing Gstring and stockings."

He couldn't get over it so he came to me to play out the scenario of his wife abusing and humiliating him. When I pointed at his body forced into G-string and stockings saying "This is your reality", he got a massive hard on. For him, crossdressing is a form of #humiliation that intrigues him. Or rather the twisted version of himself provides him a mental high.

In other cases which are more prevalent in my experience (afterall not many guys have such bitch wives I suspect), is that the guys actually genuinely enjoy "being" a girl. For them, the woman identity is their alter ego.

"When I live as a man, I feel there is something missing. When I live as a girl, I feel my life is complete."

One guy told me he loves to feel beautiful and desired like a lady. Although he lives his life 99% of the time as a guy like everyone else (he has wife, kids and normal life), 1% of the time, he lives as a lady and even goes to nail salons in lady identity after very elaborate preparation.

"I’ve accepted that I don’t like girls and cannot please them anyway with my small limp penis. I want so much to please and satisfy men."

One of the confessions from a #sissy. He has wild female #fantasies.

I enjoyed being with these "girlfriends", it's lovely to see / help them live out their inner muse - dress up, make up, wax their body, get ready for their "boyfriend" etc ...

P.S. If you are like them and want to experience the #femininity within you, here is a Male-to-female Cross Dressing Guide where you can learn how to pass as a woman - from dressing, grooming, acting to even the voice. Trust me, it's an art to be a woman.

There are many more emotions / motivations / pleasures behind this cross-gender kink that I can't cover all in this blog. There is no limit to the possibilities of gender role experience just as there is no limit to the sexually-charged feminine power and style. Born as a lady myself, I also get a rush in my head when I wear a strapon dildo feeling like a big alpha male (what's wrong with me...). Open yourself up to experience the opposite sex, you have only your rigidity to lose ;)

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