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24 hours in Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

I have made a few trips to KL over the years. this time, I found myself again in KL on a private trip - invited and served by one special sub.

Part I: Invitation

It came out of a sudden, his message popped out on my wechat - a guy whom I have never met or spoken with before, a longtime silent follower of mine, asked me if I would like to visit KL the next day. I said next day is out, day after. He agreed.

Few minutes later, after I made clear that he should fully sponsor my trip on top of tribute for my time, he sent me his full credit card info for me to book my flights, just so I don't need to give him my passport details - something I didn't expect from a guy that I have never met (apart from online pay slaves)!

At that moment, I know this sub is special, one who deserves me making a spontaneous trip for!

Part II: Serving

Two days later, I found myself in KL. He was with me the moment I stepped out of airport arrival hall. as soon as we checked into the hotel. I had him locked in a silicon chastity I got for him from Singapore.

Locked in Chastity

The rest of the time was he serving me in chastity - massage, play, dinner, shopping ...

I allowed him to release at my presence towards the end of my trip, but that's not the end - I continued to control him through instructions of locking & unlocking after I left KL, until today. I usually have him locked for a week (the key-holder with serial number makes sure that he doesn't cheat). No matter where we are, my control is always present on his fresh.

There are many levels of submission - one that continuously surrenders to me his right to cum, is one that bonds with me deeply.

Part III: Dining in The Dark

to be continued....

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