Mistress Yui

I am The Mistress of delectable dark pleasures. I am The Mistress to whom you will unburden yourself. I will give you what you have always been afraid to ask for.


We will discover what you have been searching for your whole life. That unexplored expression of your sexuality; the secret that you have never shared with anyone else; the fantasy that fills you with so much desperate longing.


Whether you are seeking pain with your pleasure, the spice of fear in your fantasy, or the erotic bliss of total submission and servitude, I will transform your darkest and most depraved dreams into orgasmic reality. I will take you firmly by the hand to experience more than you ever believed possible.


With whip and restraint, a firm hand and a kind ear, I will guide you to your sexual awakening, helping you find the purpose you crave. Through your devoted service let me soothe that ache, tame the fire that you can never quell, and passionately drain you of your desire.


Together there are no limits to where this journey through the darkness can take us. Submit to me.

Your Mistress,


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